Disable Bit Torrent in Opera 9

From the Tools menu, choose Preferences.

25. feb. 2006 / Asbjørn Ness

DVD w/subtitles from AVI & SRT

Problem with making a DVD with working subtitles from an AVI and a SRT file? Check this out.

19. feb. 2006 / Asbjørn Ness

Wordpress categories in alphabetical order

To sort your categories in Wordpress in alphabetical order, open the file in which you have your categories, most likely this will be the Sidebar file in Theme Editor.

15. feb. 2006 / Asbjørn Ness

Configurations in Opera 9 Technology Preview 2

To access the configuration file, type opera:config in the URL field and hit Enter.

15. feb. 2006 / Asbjørn Ness

Remove Nero 7’s "Nero Scout" from My Computer

Go to Start>Run and type regsvr32 /u "%commonprogramfiles%\\Ahead\\Lib\\MediaLibraryNSE.dll" for removal.

15. feb. 2006 / Asbjørn Ness

Task manager replacement

Process Explorer shows you information about which handles and DLLs processes have opened or loaded.

14. feb. 2006 / Asbjørn Ness

Windows updates without key authorization

Windows Media Player 10, Windows Installer 3.1, Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool and more.

14. feb. 2006 / Asbjørn Ness

Symphony OS

A special Linux distribution. Take a tour at

14. feb. 2006 / Asbjørn Ness


An open source mediacenter for Windows. "You get MediaPortal for free, as Open Source software. This means anyone can help develop MediaPortal or tweak-it for their own needs!

14. feb. 2006 / Asbjørn Ness

Optimize Windows boot with BootVis

BootVis will significantly improve boot times. It's a Microsoft program.

14. feb. 2006 / Asbjørn Ness

Colibri - Type Ahead

In few words, Colibri is a command line with a graphical user interface. It's designed so that it scans your computer for programs and more, and you can access it later by searching for it with Colibri. Colibri is opened from anywhere simply by pressing Ctrl + Space.

13. feb. 2006 / Asbjørn Ness